November 17, 2023

Sheffield climate charity finds common ground with Extinction Rebellion on shift away from confrontational approach

  • On November 9th 2022, 170 University of Sheffield students set off early in the morning with a common aim: to reach Cardiff in one day without spending any money at all.
  • So far, the students have raised £14,000 for four local charities including Hope for the Future. They are running two more events to help them reach their £15,000 aim.
  • This year, Bummit chose to support Hope for the Future, a charity that helps people have effective conversations about climate change with their elected representatives.

170 University of Sheffield students hitchhiked to Cardiff on November 9th 2022 to raise thousands of pounds for local climate charity Hope for the Future. One of the best things you can do to address climate change is talk to your MP or Councillor. For the last seven years, Hope for the Future has been working with communities and politicians to help make these conversations happen. Their team of experienced Engagement Officers provide training for people to approach their elected representative about a climate-related issue. From writing to your MP about air pollution in North Kensington to creating a community vision for change in Oldham, Hope for the Future offers wide ranging support all over the country.

University of Sheffield students have been hitchhiking across the UK and Europe since 2003 to raise money for local charities. Each year Bummit ensures that  85% of money raised is donated locally to contribute to the community and build local partnerships. For this year’s Baby Bummit students made their way to Cardiff within one day without spending any money. In 2023 Big Bummit will see around 300 students attempt to hitchhike from Sheffield to an endpoint location in Europe.

According to Bummit Charities Officer, Chris “Our charities this year are a great range and really represent the values of Bummit as an organisation set on raising money for all kinds of charities and causes.” Alongside Hope for the Future, this year Bummit are supporting Sheffield Young Carers, Sheffield S6 Foodbank and Shout 85258.

Ethics, Environment & Inclusions Officer for University of Sheffield Bummit Society, Evie Hairsine, said “Bummit chose Hope for the Future as one of our charities this year because we believe in the value of community and democracy to make a difference! Hope for the Future use democratic communication to create action against the ongoing climate crisis. This is really important to us, to our generation in particular and to people all around the world, so we are excited to have fundraised for such an essential cause.”

Hope for Future Director, Sarah Robinson, said “We are so grateful to everyone who took part in Bummit to help raise funds for Hope for the Future. The funding will support local people to have their voices heard on issues relating to climate change and nature. As a Sheffield based charity, it is fantastic to have the support of students from Sheffield University.”