Hope for the future works to equip communities, groups and individuals


Hope for the Future has been working to equip communities, groups and individuals across the country to communicate the urgency of climate change with their local politicians for the last eight years.

Using our experience of engaging representatives on climate change, our training covers the fundamental aspects of relationship-building including communicating with empathy, finding common ground, asking for effective action and conversational techniques. During this pivotal election campaign, our training can help you engage with candidates and push climate up the agenda. After the election, you'll be able to use our techniques to welcome new MPs, shaping their priorities from day one.

Whether you’ve never reached out to your MP or local council before, or whether you're a seasoned campaigner, this training will provide you with the skills needed to build strong, sustainable and effective relationships with your elected representatives.

We also offer tailored training for groups. If this is of interest then please contact info@hftf.org.uk for more information.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have specific access requirements.

Join our free training workshops

We offer in person and online training workshops run by our team of experts in political and democratic engagement

We offer this training for free to help make democracy more accessible.
It costs us £50 to train one campaigner.

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What you'll learn

After our online training, you will be able to:

  • Research Your Local Politicians: Identify the best strategies to engage them on issues that matter to you.

  • Write Effectively: Craft compelling letters to your politicians, increasing your chances of securing face-to-face meetings.

  • Communicate Empathetically: Engage in meaningful conversations that motivate politicians to support your cause.

  • Make Strong Asks: Formulate achievable requests that drive bold action and foster strong relationships to support your climate initiatives.

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Ongoing Support

Our training is just the beginning. We offer a range of services to ease and enhance the process of engaging with your MP:

  • Event Planning and Organising: Facilitate meetings with politicians.

  • Letter Writing Assistance: Help you craft effective correspondence.

  • Bespoke Research Briefings: Provide detailed insights on climate policy, specific politicians, local councils, and more.

  • Tailored Resources: Offer materials for you or your campaign group, customized to your needs.

  • 1:1 Input and Advice: Access personalised guidance from our experienced Policy and Engagement Officers.

  • Networking Support: Connect with other campaigns and organizations to amplify awareness and momentum for your issues.

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Join us to enhance your political engagement skills and drive impactful climate action.