We see ourselves as a bridge between local people and their elected representatives.

Values and Strategy

Hope for the Future is a UK-based charity which works to support constituents to secure greater and more ambitious action from the government - across all levels - by having effective conversations with their elected representatives. We are the only organisation dedicated to the research and practice of effective constituent communication about the climate and nature crises with their local representatives.

The next UK general election is likely to take place in Autumn or even Spring 2024, and may be our last major democratic moment to make a difference on the climate and nature crises. In the lead up to the general election, this coming year, Hope for the Future will support thousands more people to have impactful conversations with their MPs. Watch this space to be the first to read our 2024 Strategy.

By 2025



Climate wins

What is a climate and nature win?


To see that together, communities and politicians secure a healthy planet for all.


We will achieve this vision by strengthening democratic engagement to drive inclusive action on the climate and nature crises.

Our values

We are actively hopeful
We are determined to achieve our mission and believe that our approach will have a significant impact in solving the climate and nature crises.

We are empathetic
Our approach is based on empathy, and we believe in the power of people to effect change for the common good. We understand the value of positive relationships and finding common ground. We use the Non-Violent Communication approach to build trust and tackle fear.

We are purpose driven
We are committed, innovative and effective. We provide tailored, evidence-based support for people and elected representatives to take action on the climate and nature crises. We recognise the devastating impacts these crises are having on people and the planet and want to tackle them urgently.

We are collaborative
We value a positive workplace environment and work in a supportive way across our teams. We also work in collaboration with the constituents we support, politicians and our partners across the sector.

We believe in justice and inclusion
We play our part in creating a just and inclusive future. We take active steps to amplify the voices of those less likely to be heard. We ensure that the political actions we push for on climate and nature are socially just.

Read our EDI definitions here.See our full 2023 - 2025

See our full 2023 - 2025 Strategy for more details on how we plan to achieve our objectives and our Theory of Change:

2024 - 2025 Strategy

Annual Reports

To view our full annual accounts, visit the Charity Commission website.

2020-2023 Strategic Plan (PDF 916KB)

What is a Climate and Nature win?

Climate and Nature Wins is one of Hope for the Future’s ways of measuring the different facets of impact we have on the climate sector, citizen empowerment, and the environmental policy landscape.

The system works by assigning values to the range of actions (SMART Asks) undertaken by a local politician following a successful engagement. Actions, ranging from a positive public statement to a bid for a policy change, can be more difficult and/or impactful depending on the type of politician and their role, so these factors modify the value of the action.

The experience, history, and views of both the politician and constituent also modify this figure, representing how unlikely this successful action would have been without HFTF’s involvement.

Several successful actions, or even one huge success, within 1 political institution on 1 policy area is quantified as a Climate and Nature Win. HFTF has committed itself to empowering citizens and the sector to achieve 50 climate wins by 2025 and we’re well on the way.