We can support your campaign to make political impact

Is your organisation or campaign group currently trying to make a political impact?

We support national and local campaigns to effectively communicate their campaign message or demands with their MP. Our campaign support is bespoke to each campaign, and we have a huge range of support available:

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Bespoke workshops held by our expert team of Policy and Engagement officers - We are experts in delivering training on how to have effective conversations with local politicians, including MPs and councillors. Our training workshops are totally tailored to meet your needs, whether your campaigners are entirely new to politics or seasoned campaigners. Each workshop can be focused on a particular constituency or run at a national level, online or in person. Whatever you need we can make it happen.

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Subscription Packages

Subscription packages - could your supporters benefit from access to regular advice, whether it be research or strategy support? Having access to frequent engagements with our staff team could be the thing you need.

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Tailored Lobbying Strategies - does your campaign have target politicians? Our expert researchers can provide you with a comprehensive strategy for how to deliver your campaign messages to your target politician(s) for maximum impact.

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Advice Sessions

Do your campaigners have experience in working with their local politicians already? We can help them elevate their campaigning by providing some tools and tips to encourage their politicians to take the next step.

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SMART Ask Development - We know that campaign priorities or recommendations have the most political impact when tailored to the role, remit and responsibility of different politicians. HFTF’s team can take your campaign objectives, themes or recommendations and works them into SMART asks tailored to the target local politician(s).

Whatever support you need, we’re on hand to support your campaign to achieve political wins through equipping your members, staff or supporters to have impactful conversations with their MPs. 

“Hope for the Future is one of the leading (if not the leading) UK organisations, working to equip people and communities across the UK to effectively communicate about the climate and nature crisis with politicians. Their breadth of expertise and accessible trainings, reflected by their whole staff team, has been a huge support to MP engagement efforts on the Warm this Winter campaign, such that I have often recommend them to colleagues and partners within the environment sector who are looking to maximise impact with politicians, particularly through local organising.”

Network Coordinator, Warm This Winter, Uplift

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What are we currently up to?

We’re supporting the Nature Friendly Farming Network by training their network of farmers to have focused, action-orientated conversations with their MPs, inviting them to visit their farms.

Our team are supporting campaigners at Wheels for Wellbeing to run two co-created workshops to support their members to talk with their MPs and councillors about access to cycling for disabled people

HFTF is supporting WWF-UK and community groups in Oxford East to communicate the urgency of the recommendations within the People’s Plan for Nature with the local MP

We’re supporting Friends of the Earth in their United for Warm Homes Campaign to support groups across the UK to communicate their campaign demands with their local politicians. So far we’ve supported a successful meeting with Wes Streeting MP