Hope for the Future supports anyone and everyone who is concerned about climate change to raise their local MP’s awareness of the issue.

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About Hope for the Future

MP-constituent relationships are the bedrock of democracy and the vehicle for reflecting the views of the electorate, yet we know just how difficult it can be to engage politicians on climate change. We have over 4 years' experience in getting the very best out of your relationship with your MP. We know the ins and outs of working towards policy change from the bottom up and it is our mission to support climate campaigners, academics, faith communities, local groups, NGOs and individuals across the UK to have their voices heard on climate change. 

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Through their constructive approach to supporting constituency meetings with MPs, Hope for the Future have an almost unique insight into what makes MPs tick and how to find common ground. This is a refreshing - and vital - way of delivering political campaigns, and we’re keen to work with them as much as possible so that we can embed this approach into the heart of our work.
— The Climate Coalition