November 30, 2023

Improving waste management in Lewisham

Lara wasn’t sure where to start

Lara attended a tailored Hope for the Future training to Stop Rosebank Oilfields and then got in touch with us directly in January 2022. Lara was keen to have her voice heard on climate issues but wasn’t sure where to start. She had even found out that her councillor held surgeries right next door.

We created bespoke questions for her Council

Alex, one of our Engagement Officers, met with Lara and discovered that waste management was an important issue to her. Having previously lived a 5 minute walk away, Alex was familiar with the council's waste collection. He used Lewisham Council's Waste Management Strategy 2021–2031 to suggest asks to the councillor on specific goals and actions.

Making a difference on Lara’s doorstep

Using Alex’s advice, Lara messaged her councillor who got back to her in a matter of hours. Lara’s councillor is helping engage with the building management company to ensure that everyone gets access to all of the types of bins they are entitled to. Lara plans to meet her councillor to keep pushing positive changes in her estate.

*not her real name

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