November 30, 2023

Helping Selina protect Mandale Meadow

Hopeful Hero Selina* from Middlesborough has been campaigning tirelessly to protect the thriving biodiversity of her local green space in Middlesborough from the Council’s plans for a busy new road.

We met Selina in 2022

Selina came to a Hope for the Future event in 2022 and then a tailored training session. We’ve been supporting her ever since with detailed research for her campaign and guidance on how best to communicate with her politicians.

We helped her meet her MP and lobby her Council

Given the complex nature of Selina’s campaign, which involves Middlesbrough Council, the Mayor of Middlesbrough and MP Andy McDonald, our first couple of meetings were mainly focused on collating the huge amount of information she had gathered over the years. After this, our focus was to support Selina in streamlining her campaign’s message and equipping her with policy knowledge and research that would aid in her future engagements with local politicians.

We helped her arrange a meeting with her MP Andy McDonald who agreed to talk to the Council on her behalf. The Council has agreed to involve Selina in the planning process and she is getting her say on this issue that’s close to her heart.

Protecting Mandale Meadow

Despite not having access to a computer, Selina has been one of our most active constituents, creating real change in her area and she’s not done yet! In the run to the local elections, she’s out door-knocking! Selina says that Hope for the Future has been an essential source of information and guidance in her ongoing campaign to prevent the destruction of Mandale Meadow.

*not her real name

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