Net Zero Target: what can you ask your MP to do?


A cross-party group of MPs, led by Simon Clarke MP, the Conservative MP for Middlesborough, have written a letter to the Prime Minister, urging this Government to enshrine a net zero target into law before the end of this current Parliament (2022). 165 MPs and 53 Members of the House of Lords have already signed the letter (as of November 2018) and new signatories continue to be added, including the former Conservative party leader Lord Howard, former Labour leader Ed Miliband and Green MP Caroline Lucas.

Ask your MP to add their signature to the letter, asking the Prime Minister to enshrine a net zero target into UK law by 2050; this means that the UK would no longer be contributing to climate change when 2050 comes around. 


Some quotes from the letter:

“Given the existing advice from the CCC, the likely conclusion of the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, and that other countries have set net zero targets with dates between 2030 and 2050, including France, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand, we believe this must be a target for zero greenhouse gases before 2050.”

“Setting ourselves the goal of net zero emissions will put us at the forefront of the race for investment in clean industries, creating jobs all around the UK and inspiring the next generation.”

You can read the full letter and find out if your MP has already signed the letter here. If they have, what a great place to start your meeting with your MP! Thank them for signing the letter and use the meeting to talk about ways in which a net zero target can be met. See our other policy briefings here for some ideas.

Alternatively, The Climate Coalition have also provided template thank you letters to send to your MP, to thank them for signing the letter, which you can download here.

If they haven’t already, ask your MP to show support for increased UK ambition on climate change by signing the cross party letter to the Prime Minister, backing a UK net zero emissions target ahead of 2050. Outline some of the benefits as outlined in this resource. 


Remember to make your conversation local

Though you are asking your MP to back a national target, tell them why tackling climate change is important for you in your constituency. View our other resources here to find out more about sectors impacted by climate change, and what we can ask our MPs to do about each of them.

Date of Publication: 21.08.2018