Working with your Local Councillor

City and County Councils are our most accessible form of democratically elected government. If you want to see change regarding the effects of climate change, it is up to us as residents, businesses and group members to approach council members. Through this we can gain information around policies, put forward our issues and work together to generate effective outcomes in the form of changes and improvements to council policies.

Councils have an important leadership role, and with over 21,000 Councillors in England alone there is a large scope to develop positive relationships with your local Councillor on climate change. 76% of the public agree or agree strongly that councils have a key role in tackling climate change (LGA, 2013). There are many areas in which local government can have a major effect; from engaging the public, to integrating climate change into city planning, to local plans on housing, transport and energy. However a lack of funding for local councils is impacting their ability to provide a local response to climate change. Read more about the challenges to local councils regarding climate change here.

We are doing a research project to assist campaigners and residents to effectively engage with their local council upon climate change, both in terms of how to constructively communicate your concerns surrounding climate change to councillors, and what measures/actions locals councils could be doing to tackle the climate emergency. To find out more please read -

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