Who are we?

Hope for the Future was established in 2013 to equip faith communities, local groups and individuals across the UK to raise awareness of climate change. More and more people are taking steps to reduce their own impact on the planet, but we also need the support of our Government to make sure policies are in place to enable everyone to do their bit. Many politicians say that climate change isn’t important to the general public, but people tell us that they wouldn’t know how to tell the Government about their concerns.

We help with letter writing, accompany people to meetings and organise events around the UK encouraging communities to take action. In three short years our work has gained national recognition as we have grown into the UK’s leading specialists in supporting citizens to work with their MP on climate change. 

With voter turnout and political party membership at a historic low in 2013, our work is also vital in equipping everyone to be able to get involved with politics and have their opinion heard on the issues that matter to them most.

Our small, dedicated team are based in Yorkshire. Our patron is the Rt Revd. Steven Croft who is the current Bishop of Oxford and who also sits in the House of Lords. You can read Bishop Steven's full Presidential Address endorsing the campaign's work at it's origins here.

Staff Team

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Jo Musker-Sherwood, Director

Jo's passion for climate justice stems from time volunteering in Peru and a year she spent working with asylum seekers and refugees. Together with campaigners and MPs from across the UK, Jo has been working as part of the campaign to find ways of communicating the urgency of the climate crisis to UK politicians. She lives in Sheffield close to the National Peak District which provides plenty of inspiration for her work. 

Contact Jo directly at jo.hopeftf@gmail.com

Sarah Robinson, Assistant Director

Sarah is originally from Northumberland and moved to Sheffield to complete her undergraduate in BSc Psychology. Her passion and interest in Climate Change has been strengthened through research for her dissertation on Environmental Psychology. She has been a part of Hope for the Future for two years now, contributing to HFTF's approach to effective MP engagement through the design and delivery of training. Sarah coordinates our work in local constituencies and leads our schools project

Contact Sarah directly at sarahr.hopeftf@gmail.com


Laura D'Henin, Researcher

Laura is originally from the Wirral and now in her final year of her undergraduate degree in BA Geography at Sheffield, currently completing her dissertation on climate change adaptation in the Philippines. Her passions lie in renewable energy and sustainable development and hopes to build her own Eco House in the future. The campaign means a lot to Laura because she believes that politics could do more to support advances in combating climate change.

Rachael Treharne, Climate Policy Intern

Rachael's interest in climate change comes from a background in natural science and particularly in Arctic ecology, where climate change impacts are inescapable. She is currently working towards her PhD and has also worked as a climate policy intern with an environmental NGO. Rachael strongly believes that effective advocacy and communication are central to tackling climate change from a local to an international level.


Chris Ware, Campaign Adviser

Chris was born and bred in Sheffield and after studying fine art in Newcastle, worked in London with a charity supporting homeless people.  After cycling London to Istanbul he's now back in Sheffield, trying to settle down and make Sheffield his home.  He's keen on politics and believes the church has a great opportunity to speak with one voice on climate justice. 

Simeon Wilton, Climate Advocacy Volunteer

Raised in both Sheffield and Brussels, Simeon has now completed his second year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh in Ecological & Environmental Sciences. He has studied a wide range of environmental issues and is especially concerned about how anthropogenic climate change affects the most vulnerable people in the world as well as its effect on biodiversity. Simeon is fascinated by politics and is passionate about its use as a tool for climate change mitigation.

Marie Flanagan, Remote Campaigner Support Coordinator

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From Northern Ireland, Marie is currently working towards her PhD in Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield. Her interest in the environment and climate change comes from a volunteering project in Nicaragua, a country already feeling the effects of climate change. Experiencing and seeing the effect on people's lives - and the most vulnerable people at that - brought climate change into focus. She is also very interested in religion and believes that a great way of tackling climate change is to involve religious institutions like the church.


Michael Bayley, Co-founder and Chair of Trustees

Michael Bayley is a retired Anglican priest whose concern about climate justice was sharpened when the arrival of two new grandchildren made him ask: 'What will the world be like when they are the same age as me?'

While he sees climate change as something which requires a response from us all, he believes that the churches must play their full part in pressing our politicians for decisive action now.

Contact Michael directly at michael.hopeftf@gmail.com.

Jemima Parker, Co-founder and Trustee

Jemima works as the Environment Officer for the Dioceses of West Yorkshire and the Dales. She trained and worked as a Geography teacher, having been inspired from a young age by the beauty of God's creation and intrigued by the relationship that we as people have with God's earth. "As a parent I am painfully aware of the inheritance that we are leaving our children. I want to make sure that we bring some Hope for their Future".  


Brigitte Byart, Secretary

Brigitte has over 40 years experience in industry and academia, and was Administrator at St Mary’s Church in Sheffield during the four-year period of re-modelling/ refurbishment ending in 2000, as well as working part-time for the ”Disabled People’s Forum” and “Independent Living Sheffield”.   She has ran her own business as a Holistic Therapist for the last 12 years. 


Ian Wallis

Ian is an educator, writer and Anglican priest living near Holmfirth. His interest in climate change was heightened whilst serving as vicar of St Mark’s, Broomhill, Sheffield, when Hope for the Future was born.


Michael Hunt, Treasurer

Mike is a retired university lecturer in public policy. He has a long standing interest in issues relating to climate change.