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The transport sector is now the most polluting sector within the UK, contributing 26% of our emissions. It has proven incredibly difficult to decarbonise transport and emissions have remained constant for many years. A large part of tackling this problem will be shifting away from petrol and diesel cars, towards electric vehicles. You can read about this in our Electric Vehicles Resource. However, that is not the only thing that needs to be done. This resource will look at other measures the UK can take to reduce emissions from transport.


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Active travel involves people getting around on bikes or simply by walking, rather than using cars.  This is a great issue to raise with your MP or councillor because, as well as reducing our emissions, it has an array of economic and health benefits.

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If the aviation industry were a country, then it would be the 7thlargest emitter in the world. Reducing its emissions is therefore essential if we are to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Public transport is an easy way to reduce emissions. As a report by the Institute for Welsh Affairsput it, “having many people transported by one engine ought to be more efficient than having one person transported by one engine”. 

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Date published: 15/01/2019

Last updated: 15/01/2019