Schools Workshops

Hope for the Future schools workshops are an educational opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, and a chance for pupils to meet with their local MP.

“Now is a really important time for young people to engage in politics. If you care about climate change and the environment you have the opportunity to present your views in shaping environment policy after Brexit.”
— Guto Bebb MP

Students at Ermysted’s Grammar School in Skipton discussing the Government's response to climate change with Rt. Hon Julian Smith MP, the then Government Chief Whip.

Hope for the Future - courtesy of the Orp Foundation - provides free workshops to primary, secondary, and sixth form students enabling them to learn about the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, and the role of their MP in responding to these.

The workshops are an opportunity for students to engage with topics within, and above those found on the national curriculum including climate science, British Politics, and citizenship. Central to the workshop is an invitation to the local Member of Parliament who gives a talk about their role in Parliament, and how Parliament can contribute to the mitigation of climate change. Time is also designated for students to present what they have learnt in the workshop to the MP, and participate in a short Q + A session with them.

Our workshops involve a series of climate related activities, and are tailored to meet the demands of the audience. While the workshop will be particularly relevant for students of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, other subjects will certainly benefit from it too. You can read a blog about a recent workshop here.

Our workshops inspire climate action to take place starting from the bottom-up, and have become increasingly important given the increased interest in climate change by students, and the absence of standardised climate education on the national curriculum.

If your school would like to take part in a Hope for the Future workshop, please get in touch at

Hope for the Future takes care of all planning, liaising with the local MP and provision of resources. 

Students at St. Cecilia’s High School in the Ribble Valley with Nigel Evans MP discussing climate change

“The [students’] presentations were excellent, being done in front of peers and invited guests was not easy but it was an excellent learning experience for them.”
— Teacher at King Edward VI, Morpeth
“Thank you so much for the fabulous session. The students continued debating the issue beyond the session, it seems to have really sparked their engagement with world issues.”
— Julie Parr, Pastoral Manager at All Saints’ Academy, Cheltenham.
“Those at school today will be tackling the challenge of climate change tomorrow. The workshop was a great way of opening the issue up to the students and engaging them in thinking about how they could make a difference.”
— Paul Blomfield MP
“I learned a lot more about climate change and enjoyed the chance to work on a solution for a growing problem. It was an interesting experience meeting with Guto Bebb, he answered questions to the fullest and was engaged with us when we presented our presentations.”
— Student at Ysgol Aberconwy, Conwy
“It was great to see students at Aberconwy School engaging on the issue of climate change. I learnt from them just as they learnt from me.”
— Guto Bebb MP