Researching your MP

Researching your MP will give you an idea of their interests and political values, making it easier to decide where you are likely to find common ground and ultimately, which issues to raise with them. 

Use the website to find out who your MP is, their interests, voting record and current and formerly held offices in Parliament. You can also read their recent appearances in Parliament, including which issues they have spoken about and debates they have contributed to.

You can also find out more about your MP by researching...

  • Your MP's website and social media to find out more about their local campaigns
  • Doing an internet search 'MP name + climate change'
  • Speaking with their PA (usually the person with whom you have arranged your meeting) to find out what your MP is particularly interested in

Researching your Constituency

As well as getting to know your MP, it is good to have an idea of any issues that may affect your local area. Your MP's constituency is their main concern, so a policy ask that may have a detrimental outcome for the local area would not be a likely winner. For example, Aberdeen is a hub for the oil and gas industry, so asking Aberdeen's MP to campaign for divestment for fossil fuels would be counter-intuitive. In this case, you might ask the MP to campaign for Government support for the re-training of engineers to allow and encourage transfer to the renewable industry. 

Research can also enable you to find out whether...

  • You have any local green businesses that might be interested in inputting their perspective.
  • There are farmers in the constituency who have been affected by climate change.
  • There are areas of poor air quality nearby.
  • There are other local groups or faith communities interested in climate change.
  • There has been increased flooding.
  • There are any local Community Energy initiatives.

Please contact us if you would like our team to produce a briefing on your MP for you.