The Paris COP 21 UN Climate Change Negotiations

7 years ago the world leaders gathered in Copenhagen in an attempt to reach a resolution to the climate crisis. It was decided that the world must keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, but no agreement could be reached as to how to achieve this.

In December 2015 they met again in Paris and this time an agreement was made. 

This meeting in Paris, COP21, will go down in history as a time when world leaders came together, agreed to take climate change seriously and begin to take action. This is arguably the most significant peace treaty the world has ever seen. The overall agreement saw countries pledging to make changes in order to limit global temperatures from rising over 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels, with an aim of staying below 1.5 degrees. Even with the pledges made, global temperatures are still set to increase by 3 degrees, so there is still work to be done!

Theresa May has promised to ratify the agreement by the end of this year, making the UK's contribution to the effort legally binding. This is a huge step towards our aim to get action on climate change to the forefront of the political agenda. 

This video from the Council of the EU explains the Paris Climate Agreement and what it aims for.

What can you do?

- Write to your MP to ask them to thank Theresa May for ratifying the Paris Agreement, as well as to keep climate change at the forefront of the political agenda. 

- Meet with your MP to discuss how we can work together to meet these targets and mitigate the effects of climate change. Please get in touch if you would like support with this!