Each year it is our privilege to train over one thousand people in how to effectively lobby their MP on climate change. Last year we worked with over 50 politicians directly, and supported hundreds of other campaigners through our online resources and tailored strategies. By equipping people with the skills to make their voices heard on climate change,  Hope for the Future is working to create a healthier, more representative democracy and helping campaigners to more effectively encourage policy makers to take decisive action on climate change.


In the next five years we want to be able to empower and equip  even more people with the skills to make their voices heard and to effectively campaign on climate change issues, but we do need help to do this. In order for our online resources and training workshops to be available freely for everyone to use,  we rely on the generosity of individuals and communities around the UK.

Join us as we combat climate change.

Thank you so much for your support,


Hope for the Future Director