Our Trustees

Hope for the Future was established in 2013 to equip faith communities, local groups and individuals across the UK to raise awareness of climate change. More and more people are taking steps to reduce their own impact on the planet, but we also need the support of our Government to make sure policies are in place to enable everyone to do their bit.

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Retired GP and commissioner of services for children, young people and maternity. Having spent her career focussing on illness, disease and public health concerns, Margaret is developing a focus on the broader aspects of health.

“I am passionate about paying attention to the health and wellbeing of ourselves, our societies, our ecosystems and our planet”.




Michael Bayley is a retired Anglican priest whose concern about climate justice was sharpened when the arrival of two new grandchildren made him ask: 'What will the world be like when they are the same age as me?' While he sees climate change as something which requires a response from us all, he believes that the churches must play their full part in pressing our politicians for decisive action now.

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Chris lowry, trustee

Chris is increasingly concerned about the the future of the planet, and the seeming complacency about climate changes which she feels we can and have influenced. She sees how important it now is to make politicians aware of the wide-ranging short, medium and longer term consequences - for all of us and the planet - if we do not take these changes seriously. Her background has been in the public sector, especially in various areas of education and training.


jeremY Wight, Trustee, Financial lead

Jeremy is a ‘retired’ public health doctor, having worked in hospitals in Derby and Sheffield, before specialising in public health.  He was Director of Public Health for Sheffield from 2006 to 2015, and subsequently worked for the National Institute of Clinical and Health Excellence (NICE).  In addition to being a Trustee of Hope for the Future, he is also a Trustee of Medact, as well as being a non-executive director at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Chair of the Faculty of Public Health Sustainable Development Special Interest Group.  He lives in the Hope Valley, in the Derbyshire Peak District, and spends as much of his spare time out of doors as possible.



Max completed his MA in Globalisation & Development at the University of Sheffield in 2016 before going on to work as a political research analyst. Recently he has taken an active interest in the role that popular culture, particularly film & documentary, can play in facilitating understanding of complex or abstract challenges. 

He shares Hope for the Future's belief that it is critical we find effective means of communicating not only the risks of climate change but the opportunities that building a sustainable world could present. Given the limited time remaining to avoid its worst effects, it is vital that policy decisions across society are made through the prism of climate change.




Costanza is a Consultant at Seahorse Environmental Communications, a specialist PR and lobbying agency. She was previously a policy adviser in the politics team of leading think tank Green Alliance. She has experience of collaborating with stakeholders across the sector to promote political leadership on the environment including on climate change, air pollution, Brexit, low carbon energy and marine protection. Before Green Alliance she worked as a research consultant for the International Institute for Environment and Development, focusing on the political economy of low carbon and climate resilient development. She was drawn to working with Hope for the Future by the organisation's innovative and inclusive approach to campaigning on climate change and holding political leaders to account.