Take part in a local climate change event

If your MP is engaged with climate change, you could ask them to speak at an event encouraging people to get involved in combating the problem. This sort of engagement with your MP allows a space for a positive exchange, where an MP and their constituents can encourage one another. It is a great opportunity for constituents to hear what their MP is interested in and what they are fighting for in parliament, as well as for the MP to hear the concerns of their constituents. 

Here are some ideas of the kind of events your MP could attend;

  • Invite them to give a talk at a local venue alongside other speakers
  • Hold a public climate debate, such as one we attended in Market Harborough
  • Invite them to give a sermon/ talk at your church service
  • Ask them to give workshops in schools (e.g. could have a Q&A where the MP answers questions put forward by the children). 
  • Hold a coffee morning, allowing informal conversations with your MP. 
  • Ask your MP for ideas! They have access to areas of the constituency that you don't so may be able to reach a different crowd. 

To any of these events, you could also invite others to speak such as local climate groups (e.g. Friends of the Earth) or religious leaders.

If you are interested in inviting your MP to a climate change event but would like some support, please contact hopeftf@gmail.com