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Nature and Wildlife

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Climate change is already causing major changes to the natural environment in the UK. These are not only important because of the intrinsic value of nature and wildlife, but also because of the critical role a healthy environment plays in providing goods and services that benefit people; from food to clean water. Healthy biodiversity also makes an important contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation, meaning sustainably managing nature is important in addressing climate change.


how does climate change impact nature?

Climate change alters habitats and cause species to migrate. Only the species which are less specialised can adapt and survive. Click here to read more as well as how nature matters to business and health.


what is being done to protect nature?

Some frameworks, strategies and directives are already in place to protect nature. In this section you can also read about what more can be done to protect nature such as restoring degraded habitats.


What can you ask your mp to do?

Our MPs can play a part in the protection of nature both locally and nationally. Read about how your MP can help strengthen the protection of nature in UK policy. Locally, your MP could support local projects.

Date of Publication: 19.07.2018