Invite your MP to attend a climate change event

You can download a printable PDF of this template letter here

Address and date

Dear __________ MP

Start of your letter by introducing yourself. Introduce the topic of climate change and explain why you are interested in it. For example…

I am writing to you as a constituent concerned about the effects of climate change predicted to affect the UK in the near future as I am aware of the detrimental effects climate change will have on the local and national level.

You may wish to add some personal details into your letter, for example;

  • A personal experience you have had regarding climate change, e.g. the impact in a country you have visited.

  • You could talk about ways in which you feel climate change affects you directly, e.g. air pollution as you walk around town.

It is good to tell your MP you appreciate their work on something they have done. You can find your MPs previous voting record at or visit their website to find out campaigns they have taken part in. View our page on researching your MP here.

Outline the event that you are inviting them to; is it an informal coffee morning? Or a more formal event with talks and presentations? It is important to make your MP feel welcomed to the event as an important asset. They won’t be keen to attend another event if they are put on the spot or made to feel on the defence.

Tell your MP what you would like their role at the event to be. If they are giving a talk, give them an idea of the audience they will be delivering to and what you would like them to cover. For example;

I am writing to ask if you would speak about your experience on the UK’s Climate Change Committee. I anticipate that most people attending the event will be very new to these issues, so it would be great for them to hear from their local MP why it is important that we support our Government in doing more about climate change.

Finish off, for example…

I would be delighted if you were able to join us at this event. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,