Hope Ride- Canterbury to Rome


In celebration of our official registration as a charity, this October John Musker will be cycling from Canterbury to Rome to raise money for the work of Hope for the Future. Read more about John's plans below and make a donation here. Thank you!

If you have any queries about Hope Ride, or you would like to receive updates during John's journey, you can email John at jmhoperide@outlook.com or contact us here.


"Get on a bike and just cycle along ‘till you get to Rome! Why not! Can’t be that tricky, can it?! Well, I’m soon to find out! 

The inspiration has come from the remarkable work that Hope for the Future is achieving, directed by my daughter, Jo. It has proved that with passion and hard work things can happen. It’s not often you feel you can make a real difference to world challenges but the exciting thing about Hope for the Future right now, is that every pound raised will be a bridge to securing all the work and progress made in climate change awareness.

Hope for the Future supports anyone and everyone who is concerned about climate change to raise their local MP’s awareness of climate change. They help with letter writing, accompany people to meetings and organise events around the UK encouraging communities to take action. In three short years their work has gained national recognition as they have grown into the UK’s leading specialists in supporting citizens to work with their MP on climate change. Last year they supported over 1000 people to work with their local MP, and this year they are set to treble that figure.

With voter turnout and political party membership at a historic low in 2013, the work of Hope for the Future is also vital in equipping everyone to be able to get involved with politics and have their opinion heard on the issues that matter to them most.

I hope you will support them and me on this incredible journey! Thank you."

John's Hope Ride route.

John's Hope Ride route.