Template Letter about climate change

You can download a printable PDF of this letter here

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Dear __________ MP

Begin your letter by introducing yourself. Introduce the topic of climate change and explain what interests and concerns you about it.

You may wish to add some personal details into your letter, for example;

  • A personal experience you have had regarding climate change, e.g. the impact in a country you have visited. 
  • You could talk about ways in which you feel climate change affects you directly, e.g. air pollution as you walk around town.

E.g. I am writing to you as a constituent concerned about the effects of climate change predicted to affect the UK in the near future. A close relative of mine experienced flood damage during the floods here in the UK at the end of 2015 which has contributed to my concern. 

It is good to tell your MP you appreciate their work on something they have done relating to climate change. You can find your MP’s previous voting record at www.theyworkforyou.com or visit their website to find out campaigns they have taken part in. See our Research Your MP page for more information.

Ask your MP to take action

This could be on a local or national level. Try to make your Ask personal; either to you, your MP or your local area. Some examples of what you might ask your MP to do are:

  • Write to the Minister for Climate Change, Nick Hurd to release an ambitious low carbon plan for the UK.

  • Campaign on a local issue.

  • Have a look at our page on Issues to Raise With Your MP to find out more about climate change issues they can campaign on or bring up in Parliament.

E.g. the targets set by the Climate Change Act were a welcome progress towards mitigating the effects of climate change further. In order to achieve these targets, it is essential that the Minister for Climate Change releases an ambitious low carbon plan. I would be grateful if you could write to Nick Hurd on my behalf, asking him to release the details of the Government’s low carbon plan, and encourage him to be ambitious in this plan. 

Perhaps you would like to meet with your MP to discuss this further, or you would like them to attend a climate change event you are organising. You could briefly mention this at the end of your letter, or see our template letters specifically for these instances on our website.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Your name.