Continuing the Conversation with your MP

Writing to your MP is a vital step in getting climate change onto the political agenda, but seeking to work with your MP over the following years will be vital in making sure that climate change remains a priority issue or even change their mind if they don't see action on climate change as an urgent priority.

Following up a letter

You should expect to receive a response from your MP within a couple of weeks. Contact them again if you have haven't received a response within this time.

Your MP's response will, more than likely, be geared to assure you that they have the matter in hand and are responding adequately. You now have a starting point for working with your MP in taking action on climate change. Finding areas of common ground is key to working effectively with your MP, so try to gauge from their response which areas seem to have caught their interest. Have a look at our page on issues to raise with your MP for ideas of areas to bring up with your MP. 

Writing back to your MP

If you are satisfied with your MP's response, there is real value in writing to thank them. Establishing a good relationship with your MP will make it easier if you would like to ask them about a particular issue in the future.

If you have further questions for your MP, don't be afraid to write to them several times. Remain polite and professional and over time you may find ways of working together on this issue. We have advice for working specifically with Conservative MPs here. You may also want to show the strength of support for your view by holding a Climate Write-In at your church or group meeting if you haven't already.

Whether you and your MP agree on issues around climate change or not, keep writing to them as different issues emerge, such as news of natural disasters or forced migration, recent policy changes from the Government or new reports released that evidence the need for action.

Visit your MP

Meeting with your MP face to face is the most effective way of lobbying them and gives the opportunity for more in-depth conversation. You can ask for a meeting in your letter as a way of following up with your MP. Click here for advice and resources on setting up and preparing for a meeting.