Template letter to your MP following a climate event you have attended

You can download a printable PDF of this template letter here.

Your address and date

Dear _____________ MP

Start your letter by introducing yourself. Explain that you attended a recent event on climate change that has inspired you to write to your MP. What caught your attention? 

E.g. I am a local business owner in your constituency and I recently attended a climate change event in town that highlighted climate change as an issue that requires urgent action from the Government. What struck me most from this event was that there are so many ways in which our local area could benefit from certain changes that would in turn help reduce our carbon footprint.

You may wish to add some personal details into your letter. This could include;

  • A personal experience you have had regarding climate change, e.g. the impact in a country you have visited.

  • You could talk about ways in which you feel climate change affects you directly, e.g. air pollution as you walk around town.

  • Does your faith, your children/ grandchildren or a relationship with those affected or at risk contribute to your concern about climate change?

Have a think about what you would like your MP to do. It’s a good idea to research what they have already done, including things they have brought up in parliament, what they have voted on and local campaigns. You can view their voting record on www.theyworkforyou.org.uk or look at their website to find any local campaigns they are running. View our page on researching your MP here. Make sure to include anything positive in your letter, then ask them to take further action such as;

  • Write a letter to Greg Clark (Secretary of State for BEIS) asking him to publish a low-carbon investment plan to transform the economy in line with the Climate Change Act.

  • Attend a climate change event either as an attendee or a speaker.

  • Meet with you to further discuss the issue.

  • Make a change in the local area, such as introducing more electric vehicle charging points.

For example;

I am so encouraged to see your campaign on Eco Schools in our community. This is a great way to demonstrate to the young people how to live with a small impact on our environment. I would be delighted if you wrote to Greg Clark to ask him to publish a low-carbon investment plan to transform the economy in line with the Climate Change Act.

Best wishes,