Talking to your MP about Divestment



Divest Parliament 

The Divest Parliament pledge can be signed by MPs to show support for the divestment of the Parliamentary Pension Fund away from Fossil Fuels. This is a great way of politicians leading the way in meeting the Paris Agreement. You can ask your MP to sign the pledge here. Over 100 MPs have already signed the pledge; using the same link you can see whether your MP has signed the pledge already. If they have, this is a great starting point for your meeting. You could thank them for doing so and speak to them about going further.

Ensuring that there are no new fossil fuel investments can also come from the government policy level.

Meeting your Councillor about divestment

Across the UK, there are 100 local government pension schemes. Our local councils invest over £14 billion in the fossil fuel industry. In most cases, pension fund committees also predominantly consist of councillors. The Pension Fund Committee make long term investment decisions, and take advice from councillors. This committee has the power to set divest policy.

In September 2016, the first UK fund committed to go fossil free: Waltham Forest Pension Fund in London. The pension fund is worth £735 million and invested £23.9 million in the oil and gas industries.

In September 2016, Oxford City Council became the first local authority in the UK to pass a motion on fossil fuel divestment. Similar motions and calls for the wider County Council Pension Funds to divest have been passed by Bristol City CouncilCambridge City CouncilHastings Borough CouncilKirklees CouncilNorwich City Council and Reading Borough Council.

Visit Go Fossil Free for more information on all of the above.

If you are interested in meeting either your MP or councillor about divestment, or any other climate change related issue, contact us here for all the support you will need.

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Date of Publication: 14.06.2018