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What is divestment?

 Fossil fuel divestment involves cutting financial ties with the fossil fuel industry in order to limit global warming, as well as increasing financial stability for investors. CO2 from burning fossil fuels accounts for more than four-fifths of the UK’s human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. In order to keep global temperature rise within the 2 degrees Celsius limit, over 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves must remain unburned.

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the importance of divestment

Much of the carbon reserves listed on the world's stock market cannot be burned if we are to stay within the 2 degrees limit as set out by the Paris Agreement. Read more about the importance of divestment here.

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what would a failure to divest mean?

There are not only large environmental implications of divestment, but also huge financial implications. For instance, we risk entering the 'carbon bubble.'

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What can you ask of your mp?

There is a pledge called 'Divest Parliament' which you can invite your MP to sign, which would divest Parliament's pension fund away from fossil fuels. Click to learn more.

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Date of Publication: 14.06.2018