Passionate about climate change but unsure how you and your local community can take action?

Paul Blomfield speaking at our recent Climate Ambassador training day. 

Paul Blomfield speaking at our recent Climate Ambassador training day. 

We have three years of experience in facilitating, hosting and delivering a range of climate related events.  We are very happy to travel to support individuals, groups and churches interested in finding out more about they can work with their MP to see tangible change on a local and/or national level. 

Type of Events

  • One-to-one advice on how to engage with your MP- A workshop covering our approach on effective engagement with MPs. 
  • Facilitated Meetings with MPs- A morning event open to all within a constituency to meet each other and their MP. Hope for the Future will facilitate time for participants to plan for the meeting, and facilitate the time with the MP. This is also an opportunity for attendees to share ideas and resources for wider engagement with climate change.
  • Climate 'Training Day'- a full day event which covers the basics of climate science, the effects of climate change and how we can take action.
  • Speaking- We are available to speak at events about to work constructively with MPs and the difference this can make.
  • Schools workshop- A workshop lasting between 1-3 hours to educate the students about climate change and the UK political system. We invite the school's local MP to give and talk and answer questions. The workshop is usually aimed at sixth form students but we also accommodate other age groups. 

The cost of each event is worked out individually. It is important to us that no church is unable to access these resources due to lack of funding. 

To find out more information, please email