What can you ask your MP to do on CCS?


Below are some suggestions of issues you could raise with your MP around CCS. If you want to work with your MP on CCS then contact us here.

  •  One of the main recommendations of the Oxburgh Reviewis that the Government needs to setup an initially state owned CCS Delivery Company to build the necessary power, transport and storage infrastructure in the UK. You could talk to your MP about some of these recommendations and ask them to write to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy about the need to implement these. 

  • The UK has committed £100 million of funding for the development of CCS in the UK. This is a good start, but it does not go far enough. You could talk to your MP about the need for higher levels of government funding for CCS.

  • BECCS is a promising technology with the potential to remove greenhouse gases from the air. The Royal Societybelieve that more research needs to be done to look into its feasibility. You could get your MP to ask a parliamentary question about the government’s plans to support the development of BECCS.  


The CCUS Cost Challenge Taskforce was setup after the Clean Growth Strategy in order to propose a strategic plan for supporting the development of CCS. In July they published a report which said that CCS should be a central part of the government’s Clean Growth Strategy. It made 16 recommendations to the government on how they can deploy CCS on a larger scale. These included:

  • The government should publish a CCS Deployment Pathway by the end of 2018, giving would detail on how they will bring CCS into wide scale use.

  • Industry and government should work together to identify infrastructure currently being used in the North Sea oil industry, that could be used in CCS.

  • The government should engage with the finance sector to explore ways to reduce the risk of investing in CCS.

  • The government should promote international cooperation in the CCS industry so that captured CO2 can be stored across Europe.

You could discuss some of these issues with your MP and ask them to write to the Secretary of State regarding the government’s progress in implementing the recommendations.


Date published: 07/11/2018

Last updated: 07/11/2018