What can I ask my MP to do?

  • The  Zero carbon homes (ZCH)  policy was dropped in 2015 at the last minute, which would have given the UK the opportunity to lead in sustainable building and involved the thorough insulation of all new homes to ensure they had zero emissions. You can ask your MP about their thoughts on the reintroduction of this policy, and ask them what the government is doing to ensure housing is built to be ‘future-ready.’ Building energy efficient housing now is much more cost effective than retrofitting in the future.
  • Home energy efficiency needs to be made an infrastructure investment priority. The programme would achieve economic growth comparable to any other energy, road or railway infrastructure project according to the Government’s own economic analysis. This is largely because energy efficient homes see huge consumer savings on their bills. Talk to your MP about this prospect and ask them to put this idea forward on your behalf to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy or the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.
  • You could ask your MP to question in Parliament the 90% drop in the installation of energy efficiency measures in the UK and ask what the Government is doing to close the £1 billion investment gap to ensure all homes reach EPC Band C.
  • You can talk to your MP about the urgent need for an upgrade of building regulations to ensure that all new properties are energy band A or B. New properties built to a higher energy efficiency standard would be more cost effective in the long term, and reduce the need for retrofitting in the future.
  • You could ask your MP to write to the Secretary of State in the Department of Housing, asking for a new regulation to ensure private rented homes are brought up to EPC Band C as soon as possible.
  • Why not meet with your local councillor about SuDS? You can explain the benefits to your MP. Perhaps your local area has experienced incidences of surface water flooding. Tell your councillor about this and highlight the multiple other benefits.

The UK Green Building Council produced a report which examined policy options for increasing the uptake of retrofitting. You may choose to discuss one of two of these with your MP:

  • Variable stamp duty
  • Variable council tax
  • Energy efficiency feed in tariff: this would involve being paid for energy savings through energy efficiency. Given the latest consultation on the FITs (see our renewable energy resource), this option may be less likely in the current policy climate. But the Green Building Council highlight this as the most effective option.

Date of Publication: 28.07.2018