Our Story: Will you join us on a Journey towards Hope for the Future?

John Musker is cycling from Canterbury to Rome to raise money for Hope for the Future.  Find out more. 

John Musker is cycling from Canterbury to Rome to raise money for Hope for the Future. Find out more. 

In celebration of our official registration as a charity, this October John Musker will be cycling from Canterbury to Rome to raise money for the work of Hope for the Future. Read more about John's bike ride here and find out more about Hope for the Future's journey below.

Our Story

Hope for the Future was born in the summer of 2013 when several Yorkshire Churches asked what on earth we could do to bring a greater sense of urgency about the biggest challenge of our time - climate change.

The campaign aimed to involve whole churches, spanning the entire political spectrum, rather than a few keen environmentalists. Participating in MP meetings across the country, we learned a lot about what makes for an effective engagement with an MP. We quickly became the only organisation in the UK researching the practicalities of building good interactions between constituents and MPs.

We have developed an approach to effective MP engagement based on finding common ground, building bridges and respecting differences in opinion, regardless of differing political values. We learned a huge amount from MPs too, and realised that much can be achieved by seeking to work with our politicians.

We are amazed to now be working nationally with over 50 MPs across the country and hundreds of constituents. It has been an incredible journey so far and we are delighted to have finally received charitable status in June this year.

Time and time again we have seen constructive outcomes as MPs, including cabinet ministers and climate sceptics, offer to take action on climate related issues such as securing free parking for electric vehicles, raising awareness in their constituency, and supporting renewable  energy in Parliament. We’re only just beginning and there is so much more we want to do.

Politicians from across the political spectrum have offered their endorsement for our work, including Lord Deben, formerly John Gummer and now chair of the Climate Change Committee, and Ed Miliband, who described our approach as 'one of the best approaches to lobbying I have heard about in a long time'.

With the right training, we have seen how engagement with MPs and policy makers can be considerably improved. In 2016 alone, the campaign trained over 1000 people in effective MP engagement, contributing to hundreds of MP meetings across the country.

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