Announcing the launch of our new Campaigner Workbook

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Campaigner Workbook which aids campaigners in developing a tailored strategy for working with their MP on climate change. The Workbook guides readers in all aspects of setting up and preparing for a meeting with their MP and is full of advice on how to get the best outcome- including from MPs themselves.

“This is a really excellent resource and should prove to be of great benefit to all those, in both faith communities and secular groups, who are engaged in lobbying their politicians on issues of sustainability or climate change.”
— Nicky Bull, Chair, Operation Noah

Campaigners often come to us despondent about their MP's blatant apathy towards climate change, bewildered as to why the greatest issue of our time is not higher on the political agenda. Over the last three years we have developed an approach which effectively engages even the most resistant of MPs and for the first time, this step by step guide will enable groups and individuals to fully put this into practice for themselves.

You can read some of our campaigners' success stories on other blogs such as meetings with renown climate sceptic, Philip Davies, Transport Secretary of State, Chris Grayling, and Education Secretary of State Justine Greening.

What is the secret to their success?

Often perceived as distant, overwhelming and politically divisive, effective communication about climate change requires genuine empathy and a strong understanding of the challenges and barriers to engagement. In depth research of an MP's interests, values and motivations enables campaigners to determine what essentially will motivate their MP. It is this which forms the basis for the development of the tailored strategies which have proven so effective in engaging MPs. As Ken Haemer rightly said, "designing a presentation without your audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it 'to whom it may concern". 

An approach based in finding common ground demonstrates that differing political values need not be a barrier to action. This is a vital realisation for those of us most concerned about climate change as the long term, large scale response we seek requires cross-party commitments that will span beyond five year election cycles.

Getting Hold of a Copy

The launch of the Workbook will be taking place this Saturday 20th May in Oxford. As part of Earthing Faith's 4 week climate change course, we will be running an afternoon session guiding campaigners through the workbook when we will share the inspiring stories and individuals behind each piece of advice. The event and workbook is free of charge and you can book your place here.

The workbooks will also be available to purchase at our training days run on behalf of The Climate Coalition in Leeds, Manchester, London and Exeter. Find out more information here.

For more information about putting on a local training session with the workbook in your area click here, or contact us directly here.

“The key to advocacy is building a good working relationship with an MP. Hope for the Future’s workbook is a step by step practical guide- and it’s the best I’ve seen.”
— John Battle, former Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs