We're Holding a Climate Write-In at Greenbelt!

We're setting up a letter writing station at this year's Festival to encourage Greenbelters to write to their MP about climate change. We'll have template letters, envelopes, stamps, paper and, perhaps most importantly, FREE CAKE! Over the course of the weekend we hope to fill up our magnetic map (pictured opposite) to show how many MPs have been contacted over the weekend.

The Greenbelt Climate Write-In will be an opportunity for the campaign to support and encourage those who have never engaged their MP on climate change before but we would love to see some seasoned campaigners too! We are always interested to learn more about your experience working with your local MP and we are especially looking to work with anyone who feels that they're not really getting anywhere with their MP.

Come and find us in the Christian Aid tent at the following times;

  • Saturday morning- 10am- 12pm
  • Sunday afternoon- 4.30pm- 6pm
  • Monday morning- 3pm- 4.30pm

Or, alternatively, why not book us in for a one to one meeting for advice and support on working with your local MP? More information here.

We look forward to seeing you!