Nick Clegg responds to historic Paris Climate Agreement

Campaign Intern, Laura (left) and Campaign Coordinator, Jo (right), meet with Nick Clegg to discuss climate change. 

Campaign Intern, Laura (left) and Campaign Coordinator, Jo (right), meet with Nick Clegg to discuss climate change. 

In response to the historic climate agreement signed by 196 countries in Paris at the end of last year, Hope for the Future has been encouraging campaigners to invite their MPs to release a public statement to show their support.

Our hope is that these statements will raise awareness of the agreement and will encourage more public figures to be outspoken about the urgent need for climate action.

Nick Clegg has been the first MP to respond and has written the following statement about the Paris Agreement. Why not write to your MP and ask them to write a public statement also? You can find resources for doing this here. Please also let us know if you get a response so we can help to publicise them.

Nick says:

"The recent climate talks in Paris were a great diplomatic success showing that the best way to tackle our climate change crisis is by international co-operation. The prominent role of the EU in pushing the Paris talks towards a successful conclusion should also give all those who want us to leave the EU pause for thought - climate change is exactly the kind of cross border challenge which we confront more successfully as a member of the EU than we ever could on our own. Representatives from 196 nations came to an agreement to cut their emissions, which moves us along the path towards stopping global temperatures from escalating beyond safe levels.  

 However, the UK must now make good on the promises made in Paris and the Government must rethink its cuts to renewable energies. I’m proud of the Liberal Democrats record in government; my colleague Ed Davey ran the Department for Energy and Climate Change and during those years we made real progress;investing billions in renewables, creating thousands of green jobs and setting out ambitious climate change targets. However, in the few months since the General Election, the new Conservative Government has enacted a series of policies which ultimately dismantle much of the work on green policy that the Liberal Democrats achieved and this must be challenged."

Please note that the opinions expressed in these public statements, including this statement by Nick Clegg, are the opinions of the MPs and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Hope for the Future campaign. The statements have not been editted by the campaign in any way.