Hope for the Future interviewed Sheffield Hallam's Labour Candidate, Oliver Coppard, who talked to us about his involvement in Eco Schools.

“One way in which we can reduce resource use in our homes to reduce our contribution to climate change, whilst also providing a comfortable environment.”
— Oliver Coppard, Labour Candidate for Sheffield Hallam.

1. Why do you believe eco homes are an important part of developing our communities and mitigating the effects of climate change?

'Eco homes' are in fact just better homes and they can result in a 'step change' in the way we live our lives. It's not a trade off between quality of life, housing and environmentally friendly homes because eco homes are simply better all round.'

2. How can we overcome the social conventions surrounding eco housing, due to the lifestyle changes which are involved?

'Yes, some changes are required, but these changes are actually for the better. It's not a worse way of living, it's just different. Having to change our lives is not a negative. It's about a better economy, better society, better prospects for growth, creating jobs, encouraging community pride, helping run things better... and its happens to be better for the environment too.'

3. Why do you believe Eco Schools are an important to develop our communities and reduce the effects of climate change?

'I oversee the biggest Eco Schools projects in the country over in Dearne Valley. We have 46 schools who are part of Eco Schools, run by Keep Britain Tidy. It's important to show children how they can change things themselves, and show them that it's possible. We have a balance of Eco-education, and put some work into making the buildings more Eco-friendly also.'