Can you lobby your new SNP Member of Parliament?

The beautiful Cuillin Mountains in Scotland

The beautiful Cuillin Mountains in Scotland

Scotland has birthed a political phenomenon.  There are 56 new SNP Members of Parliament who have a chance, not only to make the UK a greener place, but also to make Climate Justice a priority when the UK sends a delegation to the UN Paris COP this December.  

We know that new MPs are most receptive to lobbying when they first take office.  Private business know this too and will already be making their interests known.  Do you have an SNP Member of Parliament?  If so we have a template letter for the SNP which you can use to welcome them and help set their agenda for the next five years.  You can encourage them to represent the people of Scotland and call for Climate Justice to be a priority for the SNP.

A letters from a constituent gives an MP the power and mandate to take action in London.  It gives them something to take with them to show that they carry the will of the people.  Your letters are what they need.

So I encourage you to write to your MP and empower them with your letters.  Please click the button below to download a template letter as a starting point for you to tell your MP what you care about.  

Please tell us when you send a letter or email so we can keep track of which MPs have been lobbied.   Email us at