Climate Write In at St Chad’s, Far Headingly, Leeds

 by Suzanne Dalton

Firstly, I wrote an article for the Parish magazine – we are now a Team Ministry, so this article was for St Chad’s and also St Michael’s,  In the piece, I explained about Hope For The Future campaign and why we would hold a “Write In”.  When the article was submitted, I was not sure of the date, so simply said “keep an eye out for further information in the Pew sheet”.   When I had decided on the date, there was a short reminder of the campaign in the Pew Sheet and date for our “Write In” – two weeks of warning, the final week “Today”!

Before the service I put out tables and chairs in a quiet area and brought with me plenty of blank paper, pens and  copies of “crib” letters – one shorter than the other.  On separate paper were listed the names of the leader of the main political parties and our own M.P. People could write to who they liked – the more the better.

At Coffee time I cajoled people into writing – others people came without being asked!  Some people decided to post their letters independently, the rest I gathered up and sent off four separate envelopes. In all, there were probably about thirty letters.  I stapled photographs of my grandchildren to my letters, as I wrote that it was for their sake and my children’s that I was concerned about climate change.

The Team Rector took our service last Sunday, and he took copies of my crib letters etc. and said they would do a similar “Write In” at St Michael's.