Reflections for Climate Week


DAY ONE: An Introduction

Hello, I’m Jemima Parker, the Environment Officer for the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds and I’m going to be posting a daily reflection for you during Climate Week.

If you really think that being engaged stewards of God’s creation is not relevant to you, please feel free to delete the emails I send you, or email me back to unsubscribe. However, you might want to give the check list below a quick look first!

“And Jesus said to them, ‘Go into the world and proclaim the good news to the whole of creation.’” Mark 16:15

OK, so we know that it’s part of our mission to restore our relationship with the earth and steward the incredible resources God give us in creation, but what stops us getting on with it? Which of these applies to you when you think about Climate Change?



Get real! The 2013 IPCC report shows with greater clarity and certainty than ever before that climate change is real, caused by human activity and requires urgent action. There is now 95% certainty that climate change is caused by humans (it was 90% last time).  If you were 95% certain your house was going to burn down, would you insure it?


…to me and my congregation. Rising sea levels, increased storm activity, floods and the resulting impacts such as increases in food prices, immigration, and global climate refugees are starting to affect all of us, as well as our children and grandchildren. It’s not only relevant; it’s a matter of justice.


There are plenty of great resources for churches available from Christian Ecology Link Operation Noah .


Too right there isn’t! Unless we act fast as the hands and feet of Christ we are heading for a very uncertain future. Unless we limit mean global temperature rise to no more than 2 °C above those prior to the industrial revolution, there will be catastrophic climate feedback (find our more at ) Of course there are pressing needs in our communities and around the world now. <em>However, it’s like a damn, if you don’t take time to plug the small leak, the whole damn collapses and all you have is washed away.</em>&nbsp;


…what my church does won’t make a difference anyway as China has 620 coal-fired power plants. We’re called to be faithful to Jesus and mirror His holiness that means doing the right thing even if others aren’t. We don’t say it’s OK to steal the office stationary, fiddle our tax return or have an affair just because lots of other people do!

 A Prayer:

Gracious God share with us your heart for creation.

That we may cherish all life, working together to heal the damage we have done.

Knowing that in all our struggles you are beside us, to inspire, strengthen and transform us.


Chris Polhill (From “A Heart for Creation”)


What’s coming next?

Day 2: Prayer

Day 3: Practice

Day 4: Politics

Day 5: Pulling it all together