Hello, I'm Jason. 

I'll be one of the bloggers keeping you up to date with all the latest developments on our campaign between now and the 2015 General Election.

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines has reminded us all of how vital it is to take rapid and effective action to reduce our emissions in order to keep the rise in global temperature down to a maximum of 2° C. We believe the action that is being taken is half-hearted and inadequate to say the least – in some cases we’re even going backwards (consider the way in which Japan has scaled down its planned reductions in emissions dramatically).

The veteran American campaigner Jim Wallace says how in Washington the politicians go round with their finger in the air feeling the direction from which the wind is coming. Our job is to change the direction from which the wind is coming so that the politicians take climate change seriously and act accordingly.

This campaign is about changing the direction of the wind by writing to our politicians in our thousands.

So get writing, and be sure to engage with our mailing list and social media pages.

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