Meet your MP about Community Energy this Community Energy Fortnight

Meet your MP about Community Energy this Community Energy Fortnight

With Community Energy Fortnight approaching, why not choose community energy as one specific issue to approach your MP about? Community energy involves small-scale renewable energy projects, where citizens come together, take control and reap benefits from their energy.  The many benefits of community energy can make it easier to find common ground with your MP over an area of shared interest. For example, if your MP’s main concern is lowering energy prices for their constituents, you can highlight how community energy can help with this. 

Talking Zero Carbon

Talking Zero Carbon

In April 2018, Claire Perry MP, the Minister for Clean Growth and Energy announced that the government will call on the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to lay out a route for tighter carbon controls, in a move towards a net zero emissions target. Net zero refers to the balancing of emissions produced and emissions sequestered or offset, so that overall zero emissions are emitted. A zero emissions target would be a positive step towards meeting the 1.5 degree target, as well as showing ambition from the government.

Volunteer, Jack, Inspires Young Asian Communities to Have Their Say

Jo and I ran a workshop for a group of schoolgirls on a residential trip at Whirlow Hall Farm with the Sheffield Environmental Movement. The Sheffield Environmental Movement is a charity that aims to promote health and well-being by working to provide Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic & Refugee (BAMER) communities in Sheffield access to the natural environment. This was my first opportunity to run a workshop so it was really exciting, but also slightly nerve wracking sitting in silence with a group of 11-14 year olds before we got started.

“Keep it Local, Personal and Funny.” Good climate lobbying according to Bernard Jenkin MP.

Talking about the Government’s recent move on single use plastics Mr Jenkin remarked that ‘the establishment is playing catch up’ with public concern for greater environmental protection, listing as an example the range of eco-friendly lifestyle choices he has made over the years. The issue of climate change specifically, however, is one that has evolved for Mr Jenkin, not least due to the work of one of his constituents, Jill of the Women’s Institute.

Striking the Balance on Climate Action

How can we achieve the energy generation we need from renewables whilst protecting our treasured natural environment? What risks does the Government need to take to achieve our emission reduction targets and how far are they willing to go? Is our current political response to the danger of climate change encouraging or is there still a lot to do?

'Now is a really important time for young people to engage in politics.'

For anyone worried about meeting their MP on climate change, I would 100% recommend that you give it a go. There is almost always something that you and your MP can find common ground in. For myself and my MP, it was renewable energy; before our meeting I didn’t know that Mr Bebb was an advocate for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon. From initially being worried about approaching my MP on an issue such as climate change, to Mr Bebb attending a workshop at the local school on the issue, I feel that building a good relationship with your MP goes a long way.

Renewable Energy: A Brighter Perspective in Menston?

On Friday night, Hope for the Future hosted a panel discussion at St John’s Church in Menston on the theme of ‘Renewable Energy and Fuel Poverty’. The event was attended by Shipley MP, Philip Davies, and covered a range of topic; from reducing household bills to fracking …to solar powered cars! The event was organised by constituent Marilyn Banister and Hope for the Future’s events coordinator, Emma Stevens. Here, Emma reports on the discussion, reflects on the outcomes and ponders the potential next steps…