Lobby Your Local Council

We have begun a new project called ‘Authority to Act’ which is aiming to support and equip campaigners to effectively engage their local councillors on climate change. Many local councils have recently declared climate emergencies across the U.K, and are in the process of forming greenhouse gas emission reduction pathways. This offers an exciting opportunity for campaigners to lobby their local councils to take more urgent action to address the climate emergency, and to work with councillors on formulating and implementing specific actions towards achieving carbon neutrality. We will be researching actions that councils could take to address the climate emergency, and how to constructively engage with councillors to persuade them to adopt these sorts of measures.

For more information or for assistance with engaging with your local council, please contact Julia Cushion via emailing julia@hftf.org.uk.

We have complied a list of resources about the sorts of policies and measures that local councils could use, or are being used by specific councils, to address the climate emergency within their local area. These are the resources we have found useful so far and would encourage campaigners to read:


This article written by Friends of the Earth outlines the areas which local councils have influence over and so could integrate into an overarching carbon reduction strategy, and explores different ways that local councils can raise funds for policies to tackle climate change. It outlines examples of measures which have been used by different local councils towards meeting carbon reduction targets.


This paper by the Bristol Green party explores what policies should be used by the council in Bristol to ensure that Bristol is carbon neutral by 2030, but these policy proposals could also be applied to other councils.


This is a highly informative document outlining various measures which have been introduced by particular local councils to tackle the climate emergency (which could be adopted by other councils), and explores actions across different sectors including housing, energy and transport.


This article evidences what local councils like Shroud, Oxford and Nottingham are doing to tackle the climate emergency.



Ashden has developed a toolkit for local authorities on the various co-benefits of climate action such as tackling fuel poverty and improving public health, and discuss how to make the case for climate action in an appealing way.


This website by Zero Carbon Britain explores how Britain could become carbon neutral, examining the research around technologies and policies to make this possible. They have written various reports surrounding this which are freely available, including upon how to overcome political, cultural and psychological barriers to implementing these sort of measures.


This is the website for an international network of cities (c40) that are committed to addressing the climate emergency, which has links to a variety of reports about climate action plans for different cities, and examines how the network is assisting its member cities in developing strong climate action plans. Your city could join the network or use the information provided about carbon reduction strategies.

We also have information about how local councils work and how to research and then engage with your councillor on climate change on this page:


We have information on the measures that local councils have been implementing and could implement to tackle the climate emergency here: