August 2018 Newsletter

A letter from Our Director, Jo

This month I am excited to welcome our newest member to the Hope for the Future research team, Logan Robin. Logan is a politics student who will  be joining our current researchers, Laura and Tom, to provide you with the latest updates in climate policy and technology.

Take a look at our website to see our growing collection of online resources, designed to be a single place where you can go to for everything you need to know about climate change. Below you can read more about our latest resource on buildings, which account for 17% of the UK's emissions. 

We love to see how our resources are making an impact. This month our friends at Divest Parliament have shared their story about how Hope for the Future helped make a success of their campaign to encourage MPs to divest their pension funds from fossil fuels. You can read their story here.

If you would like any information about  absolutely anything relevant to lobbying politicians on climate change, we are here to help. You can get in touch with us at

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The Basics of climate change

We have put together a resource covering the basics of climate change. Once you've mastered the science of climate change then check out the rest of our resources on related issues that you can raise with your MP.

There's one on buildings in this month's newsletter!

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August 'Good News' Round-up

“Green energy tariffs no longer an expensive luxury, study finds”– uSwitch have found that challenger suppliers are offering energy tariffs that are up to £354 less than the average. Of the 10 cheapest tariffs, 5 of them are green tariffs. Read here.

“Majority of UK public want to install solar panels, poll finds”– Research by Client Earth has found that support for tackling climate change is extremely high. 62% of people want to install solar panels in their home, 71% would join a community energy projects, 60% would buy an energy storage device, and 50% would divest their pensions from fossil fuels. Read more.

Churches convert to renewable power as they label climate change as ‘one of the great moral challenges of our time’” – 5500 churches in the UK have converted to 100% renewable electricity tariffs. It is estimated that the switch will divert £5 million from fossil fuels to clean energy providers. Read here.

“Don’t despair – climate change catastrophe can still be averted” – There is hope that we can address climate change if enough people engage in politics and get politicians to do more. Read here.


resource update

Our researchers, Laura and Tom, are working hard to bring you up to date and relevant briefings so that you can always feel prepared when meeting with your MP.

This month's is Buildings!
Click the button here to read the full report.

Also, don't forget to check out our other resources where you can find information on tailoring 'asks' of your MP on this issue and others.

We have many more resources coming soon but if there is a topic in particular that you would like a briefing on then please don't hesitate to let us know!


Blog Post

Our friends from have written a blog about the impact of Hope for the Future’s training on their Divest Parliament campaign. Tytus Murphy, one of the campaign’s organisers, writes below…

Divest Parliament is campaigning for MPs to divest their pension fund from fossil fuels. We don’t think it makes sense for MPs to put reducing carbon dioxide emissions into statute law on one hand, and on the other, invest their pension in companies like BP and Shell whose business plans undermine international efforts to tackle climate change.