Holding a Climate Write-In

Can you help your congregation write to their MP? 

Across the UK, churches and groups have been lobbying their MP to ask them to take action on climate change seriously. Holding a Climate Write-In is about encouraging members of your group or congregation to get involved by writing to their MP about climate action. 

Holding a Climate Write-In is a great way of involving your whole church or group in action against climate change and can make a real difference in convincing MPs to take the issue seriously.

Your Climate Write-In may involve...

  • Encouraging members to write to their MP at home.
  • Inviting members to sign a group letter.
  • Providing materials for members to write letters at the end of a service/ meeting. 

Hope For the Future Resources

  • We have template letters which can serve as an example for your congregation's own individual letters, or can be made into a joint letter for churches to sign. 
  • View our Issues to Raise With Your MP page to find detailed briefings of key areas of climate change. 
  • If you would like help personalising the letters, please contact us so we can send you a constituency briefing or a draft letter. 

Holding a Climate Write-In

You can encourage members of your group or church to get involved whether you have a five minute slot or the whole meeting. 

If you have a 5 minute slot...

  • Prepare a group letter for members of your church to sign and/or offer example letters for them to send or email from home - you can find template letters here.

If you have half an hour...

  • Set up a letter writing station after a service or meeting. Provide pens, paper and template letters, plus any additional information that may be of interest. Colouring pencils are great for children who might also want to get involved.
  • You may wish to focus the service/ meeting on climate change. You can find suggested hymns, sermons and prayers here, and other awareness raising resources here

If you have even more time...

  • Some churches have set up a letter writing station at their day events or church weekends away. Others have invited their MP to speak at their church, and others have hosted Hope for the Future climate training days. Please contact us if you would like help in organising an event or for further advice on holding a Climate Write-In.