Template letter to ask your MP to meet with you

You can download a printable PDF of this template letter here

Address and date

Dear ­___________ MP

Begin your letter by introducing yourself. Introduce the topic of climate change and explain why you are interested in it. Explain that you are keen to speak with your MP to discuss some of the issues of climate change. 

E.g. I am writing to you as a student at the University of Sheffield concerned about the effects of climate change predicted to affect Yorkshire in the near future. As a young person wishing to work in the green sector I would be very keen to speak to you regarding some of the issues you have recently raised, such as your support for community energy in Sheffield.

It is good to start off your letter on a positive note by telling your MP you appreciate their work on something they have done. You can find your MPs previous voting record at www.theyworkforyou.com or visit their website to find out campaigns they have taken part in. Find out more ways of researching your MP here.

If you have done some research into issues that particularly affect the local area, you could bring them in here. Issues might include;

  • Flooding – is your area affected by flooding? Perhaps you could raise the question of flood defences in the area.

  • Schools – are the schools in your area eco-schools? If not, could they become eco-schools?

  • Renewable energy – are there any renewable energy initiatives in your local area? E.g. community energy projects, wind-farms, solar-farms?

You may wish to add some personal details into your letter, for example;

  • A personal experience you have had regarding climate change, e.g. the impact in a country you have visited.

  • You could talk about ways in which you feel climate change affects you directly, e.g. air pollution as you walk around town.

Finish off the letter highlighting the importance of climate change to you and requesting to meet your MP to discuss these matters. For example;

E.g. As I am sure you are fully aware, the issue of climate change is very important to my generation so I’d be delighted if you were able to meet with me to discuss these matters. 

Yours sincerely,