Offering Support for Working with your MP

The Hope for the Future team would be delighted to support you in building a positive working relationship with your MP. We are based in Sheffield, practically in the middle of the country, making it easy for us to travel to all areas of the UK. We are also able to offer remote support, giving you advice and feedback over the phone or email. We can help with one aspect or guide you through the whole journey of your MP engagement. 


Areas we can help with include:

  • Researching your MP and local area
  • Forming a strategy tailored to your MP
  • Writing a letter 
  • Setting up a meeting
  • Accompanying you to a meeting
  • Organising an event in your constituency
  • Follow up after a meeting or event
  • Deliver Hope for the Future training to your local group

Our promise to you

At Hope for the Future, we believe that the relationship between constituents and their MP is the bedrock of democracy.  Our research allows us to train and support constituents in how to work constructively with even the most challenging of MPs. It empowers constituents who need further experience, support and confidence to take control of their relationship with their MP and work for the change they wish to see in the world. Crucially, we want to maintain the integrity of your relationship with your MP by fulfilling the following promises. 

We will never...

  • Pursue an issue or relationship with your MP without your consent and cooperation .
  • Encourage you to pursue an issue that you do not feel is a valuable priority.
  • Share details of your meeting with others without your consent.

We will always...

  • Take your lead on how you would like to take forward your relationship with your MP.
  • Offer you the best  and most relevant support and advice we have available.
  • Endeavour to ensure you have a safe and positive experience engaging with your MP. 

Please get in touch!


Sarah Robinson, Assistant Director: Head of local constituency work. Get in touch at or 0114 312 2619